How to move second hand but keep same center point

I want to have to my seconds have move around only the edge of the watch face but rotate from the central point. how would i do that.? Thanks for the help.

can you give some more details so we can better help you? this really depends on how you are doing it, there are a few ways to do this. A link to the watchface will help a lot.

Make a PNG file that is 10 pixels wide by 500 pixels tall with a transparent background. Put the mark you want to use at the top of the image (5-10 pixels). Then you just use this image as a standard second hand and center it on your background.


I used my template that I use for all my selfmade hands and just make the hand on the area where you want it, in your case the edge (top of template) and leave everything else transparent.
You can see an example of this on my Alien watch where the little UFO is the second hand and moves around the edge.