How to put my dogs pictures on my smart

How to put my dogs picture on my smart watch

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You have two options. I know Samsung allows you to sync a picture to your watch and use it as a background for a watch. The other way would be to use Facer and upload the photo to a new watch face, add hands or digital time and then you could sync it to your watch that way.

This is a watch face I made with my Dachshund Dixie Belle’s photo on it. MAG 903 has inspection open so you can see how it’s made. To access inspection you will need to click on the link to take you to the page the watch face is on. At the left side of the watch image there will be a little rocket ship icon. When you click on it Facer Creator will open it up so you can see how it’s done. You can make any changes you want to experiment with no worries because anything you would do can’t be saved.


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