How to remove this stupid tip?!

Each smartwatch boot the annoying message “Tap 3 times to…” appears over screen. 1st it is needed retire lame developer who did not think remove this message forever after it once appeared. 2nd it is needed REMOVE this message FOREVER. It should appear only ONCE when somebody begins use Facer. IT IS NOT NEEDED AFTER EACH BOOT.

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Hi! I am experienced with Facer and know how to work with it. Unfortunately, at the time, there is nothing you can do about it. I do understand though what you are implying, because it is a bit annoying when every time you put a Facer watchface on your smartwatch, that tip pops up.
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I remember this same annoyance when I got a new watch. I’m not positive, but I do believe if you do what the tip suggests one time it won’t come back. I guess it’s programmed to teach you that triple tap function and won’t rest until it knows you’ve learned it :slight_smile:

I take and turn my smartwatches off for each night. I wear it at each morning and each day it tells me not forget about 3 taps. Day after day in all several months. I’m sure the developer who created this is just stupid moron.

Just trying to help, because I was annoyed by that too. But, it did go away. So my question to you is is, have you specifically triple tapped and chosen one of the recent faces that shows up there? Because I think that’s what will make that pop-up tip disappear for good.

I use only my own watchfaces. I created 4 - all are distributed here. I change them time to time but not too often. Every week. Of course I used 3 taps to change face. Two months I see this stupid tip on each boot. This is an interface error. It must appear only ONCE before first 3 taps. Once 3 taps used to change face - this tip MUST gone forever.

I do the same and had that notification appear only once after I installed Facer on a new watch. It has not showed up since then. I understand your frustration, but your developer comment seems a bit over the top.
What brand watch do you have?

Not sure what is going on - maybe a setting in your Facer phone App (??).

For what it is worth, I don’t recall ever seeing this notification - certainly it does not happen when I am changing my faces, which I do often. And if it happened when I set up wife’s new watch recently I did not notice and it has never shown since. So, maybe it is a setting or some other quirk. do you have all the latest versions of software, Apps, etc. on your phone and watch?

TicWatch Pro 0420 with WearOS 2.17

It appears after each boot, not face change.

I examined settings but did not find related one.

Of course yes. WearOS was upgraded at Jul. I installed Facer at Aug and did not see upgrade.

Just now found Facer has upgrade. I will test for this bug after reboot.

Looks like tip has gone after Facer upgrade. It did not appear after two reboots.

I just wanna notice - it would be good if Facer smartphone app show notification about swartwatch part new upgrade.

I’m glad you managed to solve the problem.