How to Save Daily Mix Faces?

I have found a couple of faces in the daily mix that I really like but cannot find them when I search the name any other way to save them to my favorites. I’ve already accidentally deleted one that I like and can’t find it again, hence the reason I’m trying to find a way to save them to my favorites.

Yeah, searchability on here doesn’t work very well for some watch faces. Unfortunately, I think you have to find the watch face via search terms, tags, or designers in order to save to your Favorites.

Can you describe the design and/or tell us the name of the watch face that you’ve lost?

I have recently come across the same obstacle. The one specifically right now I’m looking for says “GIRARD-PERREGAUX Spinoff2” when I scroll to it on my actual watch. It looks a lot like the picture I found on Google that I attached, but the face I’m asking about has white/beige background colors.