How to see BPM on Ticwatch pro LCD dial

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I have bought a new Ticwatch pro 2020 and i’m satisfied, but i am unable to show BPM on the standby LCD display. I know that it is possible having read of this feature in many reviews and having seen the screen with BPM in youtube. However i don’t know how to activate it. By default is not activated.
Can someone teach to me how can i do to see the BPM?
Thanks in advance

I just seen a video review of this watch and the fellow clicked then held the bottom button or the top button to show it on the LCD display. You might go check out YouTube and do a search for TicWatch Pro 2020 review and see if you can find it.

Hi @mrantisocialguy

I saw the same video you are talking about, and yes, that it works but only if you place the watch in “essential mode”. I would have the BPM showed with mixed mode. I saw another video in which this should be achievable, but…i don’t remember which is. I saw a ton of video/reviews. I will search YouTube more and more as you say.
Just a thought.The watch works well, i love its aesthetics, but it’s scandalous that a watch not properly cheap comes in your hans with a poor 2 mini pages of explanations (that explain nothing) and no more.
I also have a Galaxy Watch and this too in the box has the same poor leaflet, but Samsung gives to you a link where you can find and download a very complete guide step by step of watch set up and functions.
I’m aware that good old paper manuals are lost forever, but a link to a web page i think it costs nothing.
Mobvoi could do better.
Thanks for your reply

I have to totally agree with you. Not just Mobvoi alone, but there are lots of companies that are providing very poor instructions, if any. A simple link to a webpage or PDF file that could be downloaded and printed would be a great solution. Oh well, it is what it is. Good luck on your quest!

Thanks pal. I can only agree with all you have said. Thank goodness that i’m enough versed in PC and electronic devices, or i could shoot me in the head. It would be less painful. LOL

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I thought this was just on the Pro 2020, but I have discovered it works on the Pro too.
It might not be what you want though really, it only works in essential mode.
Go to settings (swipe down then cog) system / essential mode.
While in essential mode, I can press the lower button to show the heart rate, but only temporary.
Maybe it’s permanent on the Pro 2020, I don’t know.
The watch needs a reboot to come out of this mode, so I don’t use it.

Hi @dhemsley
Thanks so much for your reply. Yes what you say it’s completely true. That feature is available only in “Essential” mode, and yes is temporary on the 2020 too.
Thanks again