How to sell on Facer as a new member

Hello, everyone. I have been wondering if I can start selling my watch faces on Facer as a new member. I have read the statement that in order to sell my watch faces I need to publish some faces for free and it should be synced by 5K users in 30 days. Is there any other options? Because I might upload my watch faces for free but don’t get 5K sync in a single month. Any suggestion would be very appreciated. Thanks guys.

This is one of the frequently asked questions.
To sell faces on Facer, you would have to be invited to become a partner.
Official answer was here:

Note, the numbers of syncs is one, but not sole condition.
In my opinion there is also subjective factor, the invitation is not automatic. I think it also helps if you have reference from other platforms, the more that you seem to be a “studio” (business entity), not just a self taught hobbyist.

To increase your syncs I guess you would have to publish frequently and also advertise on social media, that means not only making faces pretty and functional, but also use all possible promotion (have you seen the facebook group?).


Thank you so much mate. I did not know there was an official group of Facer team on Facebook. You really helped a lot. And when it comes to becoming a partner yeah seems like I should be invited by Facer team. I hope the community likes my watch faces and I can become one of the Partner too)). Thanks again.

Mentioning about the studio, yeah I am one of the co-founder of the studio and we generaly deal with VR, ArchViz and VFX projects. Just only me who really enjoys watches and started makjng watch faces)

Welcome to Facer Community abbasov.abdulaziz
As mentioned above, there are several variables that figure into it. Along with having your work on various platforms, such as Instagram, your activity here in Facer Community helps as well. Not all Creator Partners post here, but they read these boards and forum discussions.
I am looking forward to seeing your designs.