How to set the Background colour in dimmed mode?

How to set the Background colour in dimmed mode? It’s no problem to change it in Active mode.
Everything seems to work in dimmed mode. I can change the RGB code, but the background doesn’t change colour.

Anyone that knows how to do it?

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I think you can not. But try a Image layer. In the Settings where you can preview the image you will see that you can have Square and Round Active and Dimmed Images. Test that.

I see they are all the same colour if you tint them . Consider separate images .

To test switch watch shape Round / Square and Active / Dim.


It’s not a good idea to have anything but black in DIM mode.
It will eat the battery too fast.

Samsung recommends black and up to 15% screen can be filled with anything. Otherwise watchface can be rejected by Google store.

With Facer you can, of course, do whatever you want but you won’t have happy users.

Make circle .jpg or .png and upload image, make it visible in DIM mode only.

Or, even easier, make round shape in any color you want and make it visible in DIM only.
Don’t forget to set it under everything else.


Many thanks for you reply. I made it easy for me. Created a picture with the wanted RGB colour and loaded that to the watch face :slight_smile: