How to show layer when value VAR is x OR y


I want a layer to show in case VAR 4 has value 2 or 4

I tried:

  • $(#VAR_4#%5=2)OR(#VAR_4#%5=4)?100:0$
  • $#VAR_4#%5=2OR4?100:0$

But it don’t work. How to put it then?

Bye Nico

Seems you are on the right track, but maybe just needs brackets or 2 = signs. This works for me:


It worked, thank you so much TOm!
So I remember OR= ||.

Do I overlook this command in the help-docs, or isn’t it listed?
Maybe more commands are usefull in Facer Creator that are not to be found? :smiling_face:
(I have no clue I’m not into ITC/maths/coding)

Another issue (off-topic).
It’s seems that syncing isn’t always accurate.
In this case, on my phone, I still have orange colours from another layer which shouldn’t be visible.
I tried logging out of Facer (PC/ Smartphone), syncing multiple times, put another watchface and sync again. Sometimes it shows correctly (no orange) but most of the time it’s wrong.
Can this be a bug or issue that other people face?

Bye Nico

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Excuse me Butting In . I am supposed to be busy .

You have no % on VAR 3 . try == instead of = .
I presume the VAR resets on wake .


Hi Russel

With the black outer ring (VAR_4 = value 4) I only want white numbers, no coloured shades.
So I try to hide the coloured shades (VAR_1 and VAR_2) with a black shape.

But it still doesn’t work on my smartwatch.

In facer creator it seems fine, like in the screenshots:

  1. Orange shade is covered when VAR_4=4, like supposed
  2. When I hide the layer, orange is visible (=not intented, but the case on my smartwatch)

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VAR_3 is only toggle 0 and 1
(0 digital, 1 hands)

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Yeah sorry. I should keep out of it I know nothing a bout Pro stuff.
That line I copied from your Orange Minute Shadow . But I realy have to test stuff on my watch to understandchow it works but can notcas I am not a Subscriber.
One of the Pros will be Allong soon to help.

If I see it correctly, do not hide any layers, the variables will hide the elements with opacity.

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Hi Tom. i don’t hide any layers. I just did it for this post. So that can’t be the issue.

You coded for “M schaduw 2 oranje” (and the other shadows):


I read somewhere that it if you use brackets, that you should use them for all parts, so maybe the code should be:


Thing is I tried that already and then the code doesn’ t work at all. One bracket yes, 2 brackets no. But I will try just dropping the brackets.
Strangely enough It doesn’t pose a problem for the 2 other coloured shades (same code).
Keep u posted.

I sometimes have issues with hands that do not come through properly on the watch - no clue why. I then have to delete the element and make it completely new. Maybe that helps…

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Yeah, think I just start from zero, thanks for thinking with me.

@tom.vannes. I have had to remake a layer sometimes. Invisible formatting Problem. I always use Parenthases everywhere untill they cause problems.

I learned by now some symbols and techniques that aren’t specificly in the Facer Help-section:

|| = or
&& (and)
!= (not equal)
%x = modulo
( ) = brackets if possible
$ $ start/ stop a code

Are there more symbols you think of right away that every face-maker needs to know?

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Sorry you have not been pointed at the Documents . If you look top right of Creator Window see a Question Mark . Find Advanced on the Right Again .

There are several sections .
Boolean Logic.

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Thanks. I looked at all these documents already in the past.

But sometimes is see that certain symbols and operations aren’t there.
Information that is really usefull, if not indespensable.
Mostly I learn it later on the forum, sometimes as a reply to my own question.
It would be good to have a complete (at least better) source right away.

But I learned by now that it doesn’t excist :smiling_face:

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All the Opperands that we can use are in that Documentation I noted . If you are looking for the Tags and Expressions they are in other sections of the Documetation. I agree that it is not really instructonnal. Give us a clue as to what you are looking for. Loads of us would love to Help.

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