How to Speed Things Up?

I am using (-(#DWFSS#)) and #DWFSS# rotation on a couple of images in Active Mode. What can I use to speed one or the other up a bit? TIA

I believe you can do (-(#DWFSS# * 2)) or (#DWFSS# * 2)
Without the spaces though, I had to add spaces or else you couldn’t see the * for some reason.
That should double the speed. If that’s to fast you can do 1.2 or whatever you want.

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Thank you! I shall try that.

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Let me know how it works out.

Better stated as: (#DWFSS#*-2) or (#DWFSS#*2)

Using #DWFSS# with a multiplier works well, but avoid division as you will get only a partial 360° rotation.

For more exotic requirements, using #DNOW#/number, and more complex maths.

See: Looking for Animation Help W/ Horizontal Movement

Just highlight the syntax and select ‘Preformatted Text’ (or <Ctrl><Shift><C>) to show all ‘*’, etc.

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Oh yes, thank you for the assist. @andrew.dowden Is correct. If you multiply by 2 on the first string then it works but you will only get partial rotations if you were to do say 1.2. This would also happen if you slow it down past 1.

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Thank you for the update, but I did not see the replies until later.
Nevertheless, I had already used syntaxracing’s formula without spaces and a multiplier until I found a speed that looked the way I wanted it to.
It’s good now. :slight_smile:

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Sweet, I’m glad it worked out. Hopefully you will share it when it’s done?

Sorry I did not answer sooner. I disabled notifications so I’ve had to check discussion threads manually.
My question was for this one which seems to be doing well in the sync department, so I thank you profusely for your help. Sorry I can’t give you a cut, but it’s free, so all I can say is “Thank You!”.
The Facer preview is jumpy on the computer here but it’s smooth on the watch, so that’s all that counts.

It appears to be running smoothly on my end, and no worries. I’m not looking for any compensation, I’m just glad I was able to help. Also glad to hear it’s doing well, it’s super cute.

I know. I was just being silly. :slight_smile:

Thank you for the compliment. A few weeks ago, in a discussion topic somebody around here convinced me that I should try doing more cuteness. I suppose as long as it’s successful, I’ll continue for a while.