How to split seconds in 2 parts?

sorry, maybe i have made the picture wrong, so you have
understand 1 thing while i wanted another thing.
now see the image:

this is what i want:
the seconds (now is 55) that are in vertical.


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Hi it’s unorthodox, but I have duplicated the seconds and covered with a rectangle color of the bottom, I believe that is not what you were looking for, good evening.

Ciao è poco ortodosso,ma ho duplicato i secondi e coperti con un rettangolo colore del fondo ,credo che non è quello che cercavi,buona serata.

you can do this by using the function (floor(#Ds#/10)) for your tens place and (#Ds#-(floor(#Ds#/10))) for your ones place.

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wow, you are Einstein!
why i don’t have ideas like you.

sorry, but i have try to do what you have wrote,
but i think you can do a example.
not sure to have understand.

thanks also from me

sorry, but i don’t have understand you.
you have told: i have duplicated…
but where is this picture ???

see the image again, thank.

see the image now, thank.

sorry the second function should be this: (#Ds#-(floor(#Ds#/10)*10))

if you go to the link you can inspect the watch face.

thank you very much.
now your job work fine for me,
and i have add to hidden the seconds
from 0 to 9 for the upper side.