How to stop Music app from playing on my Gakaxy 46mm?

Last week I found the fix that stopped my Facer face from displaying temperature & humidity values: I had to delete and reinstall the Facer app on my phone. But there is another problem that I’m thinking may have been the real problem:

Ever since the recent update to the watch firmware the Music app has been appearing on my watch. I have not included this app in the list of apps that are supposed to be active on my watch. Moreover, the phone’s Music app shows as playing some music track (the little note icon bounces up and down.)

I’m posting this a a new issue because my watch has stopped showing temperature and humidity again, and the only way to fix this is to delete and reinstall the Facer app on the watch.

The only way i can stop Music from playing on my watch is to open it, switch from Phone to Watch option, and then switch back the my normal watch face. So I’m thinking maybe the Music app is damaging the watch firmware in a way that it stops the temperature & humidity values from being displayed. Something is definitely not right somewhere because the Music app should not be on my watch, but there it is.

First thing I would try is to unpair the watch with your phone. Then pair it again like a new watch and phone combo. That should force the watch to start fresh then I would add Facer after you have the watch set up the way you like with the Galaxy stuff. If that don’t fix it I would start a complaint with Samsung and get their people working on your problem.

Re-pairing! That’s a great idea I had not thought of. I’ll try that and see what happens. Thanks for the suggestion.

Well repairing didn’t solve the problem. Initially I thought it did, because after I did the re-pairing I got the temperature and humidity data on the watch. But I turn the watch off at night, and when I restarted it the next day the temperature and humidity data was gone again. And the music player reappaeared too.

So there is definitely something goin on that shouldn’t be happening. Unfortunately I can’t tell if the problem is with the Facer app or the basic Galaxy watch firmware.

I contacted Galaxy Support via online chat from the Galaxy web page, and after conversing with 2 separate people there I was told they could not help me with 3rd party software - Facer - and I should had to call their super secret special whizbang technical support people at 855-795-0509. I’ll do that later today and post results here.

When I call I think I’ll tell them about only the music app starting up on my watch, even though it is not supposed to be there.

That sounds like a good idea. If they know if effects 3rd party apps, they will try to shift the blame.
Good Luck!

After being switched around to 4 different people I finally got to talk to someone who knows about Galaxy watches. I told him my story (leaving out any mention of Facer) and his suggestion was to do a Reset on my watch. I had never done that before so it took me a little while to find the Reset option in the Galaxy Wearable Android app - but I did.

Reset turns the watch into a factory fresh “new” watch, so I had to go through all the initial setup operations, most of which I forgot how to do. But I finally got it synched up, downloaded and installed Facer, my Facer face, the free Flashlight app, and verified that the Music app was not to be shown on the watch.

So far the dreaded little blue note has not appeared, but tomorrow will tell the story because I turn both watch and phone off overnight. If they both start up OK tomorrow I think I’ll be OK.

More to follow…

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Well that didn’t help. The dreaded little blue note icon reappeared this morning. I was able to make it go away by deleting the music track it was playing. I’ll have to call Samsung again.

The good news is my Facer face does have temperature and humidity. So that’s something i guess.

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