How to submit a tutorial

Hey Designers!

I wanted to give a simple outline of what a successful tutorial looks like. Tutorials can come in two formats: video and medium article.

What a successful Medium tutorial looks like:

  • Succinct title.
  • Quick explanation at the beginning of what you want to create with no technical details. Think of it like the back of a book, something you can read that will give you an idea of what the tutorial is generally about.
  • Example watch faces throughout the tutorial to show all the stages and to help clearly explain all the parts.
  • Any example expressions are able to be copied (no images).
  • Assume the user doesn’t know anything about the creator, this will help cover new and existing users.

A great example for medium article:

What a successful video tutorial looks like:

  • Should be able to clearly hear your voice.
  • Show what you will be creating at the beginning of the video with examples.
  • Assume the user doesn’t know anything about the creator, this will help cover new and existing users.

post all tutorials here and they will be considered for our medium and featuring.


Hello @Lukasz, @ariel, @Facer_Official,

thank you for correcting and publishing of my tutorials about the "Bouncing watch hands" and “Snow Flakes”.

In the last few weeks I prepared a number of new tutorials which possibly could be also interesting for your designers, followers, creators and readers. Today I transferred some of them to the “Medium” and here are the links.

It is a mix of simple (battery level - most popular at the facer community) and advanced (light reflexion) tutorials depending on effect.

can you submit these under Facer pub? Would like to add some banners and publish these as well. great job!

Hello @Lukasz, what do you mean with “Facer Pub”? The official community? I do publish the tutorials (and more) first at the facer community website:

Here is the tutorial about Temperature Line Chart.

Is this what you mean?

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Sorry, that was a bit vague. I meant submit them to the Facer Publication on Medium so we can make a few minor tweaks like adding banners and stuff :slight_smile:

Hello @Lukasz, know I see it more clearer, however I do not have idea how to submit Medium article to Facer Publication.

Last time…

1 - I posted a link with Medium tutorial (here at facer community forum)

2 - I got an email from @ariel per Medium

3 - I confirmed it and it was done, I think

Is there also another (easier) way?

we added you to the publication since they removed ability to request, please follow these steps: Add a draft or post to publication – Medium Help Center

Hello @Lukasz, thanks! I added all of tutorials to Facer in a minute ;).