How to submit Hands

If you share, it is fair game for anyone to use this asset in premium or free watch faces.


  • To submit assets either have them as vector or if raster they should
    be for a 640 x 640px @ 72 dpi canvas max size.
  • Typically it is a good idea to
    have the asset as all white if it is flat, this will allow for it to
    be tintable.

Any community assets that are submitted will get a link back to the designer profile on Facer if used in the editor.

roughly what it should look like:

make sure the center of the canvas is where the asset will rotate, padding at the top should be added to make this rotate correctly.


I would like to share some Photoshop hands I created but converting to vector will brake the smoothing transition from white to black. My question is, can it be png files to share here in the community? If not, I understand… :wink:

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Yes PNG is fine - all my hand are PNG format.

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Thank you… Now is to figure it out how to submit the hands for sharing… Just making a topic? Sorry for my ignorance but I’m new in the community.

Just create a new thread in this category and upload the individual image files ( one per hand ).

I look forward to seeing them!

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Perfect, Thank you very much! I will submit later today… :wink:

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