How to tap to hide a layer?

I’m trying to make it so that tapping the display toggles hiding/showing a layer (or possibly multiple layers). I’ve looked into using VARs but don’t see a way to do this. Is there a way to do this?

Interactivity is a Pro feature only, when you became a Pro user, your Creator changes the options in the menu and you are able to add interactivity zones with VARs. Greetings.

I’m a Pro user and have access to the VARs, I just don’t know how to do what I’m wanting to do.

Oh! Sorry, I did´t see the batch… The easy way is using a VAR toggle, that changes VAR value between 0 and 1. Then you ask in the transparency field of the layer id the VAR is in 0 or 1 state, and uses that to decide if its visible or hidden. For example:
You can use the same formula in two or more layers and every tap shows/hides every layer at the same time.
If you wanna that one layer hides when other shows, the second layer you invert the conditional
Hope this helps…


Got it working. Very cool. Thanks so much for the help.

About my badge, should I have one of those premium badges on my avatar? I pay for premium as a regular customer and also pay for the upgraded creator stuff, but I don’t have a badge. At least not here. I do have a premium badge on the main site. Also, the Android app always asks me to upgrade even though I’m paid up and logged in. I think either I or Facer is missing something.

No, I think the badge is on the main site, not the forum. Great you made it work… Greetings

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Roger that. Thanks again.

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Thanks for posting this, I was having issues too. One more thing, can you set multiple toggles? I have 2 different variables and 2 toggles on my face, but regardless of which toggle I tap, it only activates VAR 1.

When you place a new VAR toggle you have in the control bar (that one with the rocket) a selector to choose wich VAR the toggle actives. Make shure each toggle is set with different VARs. And also make shure both toggles doesnt overlap. Greetings!

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I completely overlooked that…Thanks! Still getting the hang of the conditionals, etc.

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