How to test if I am in DIM mode?

Hi, everybody!

How I can make a conditional expression for a result depending on DIM mode on or off?

Something like:

Thank you for any help!
(It has may be something to do with #DWE#, but I don’t understand exactly what this tag means.)


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not sure i understand any reason you need this dim mode is a separate function so you do not ever need to test if its on or off you can check for wake up but that is normally just so you can time fade ins or activation reasons

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I have not used it myself but you could try:


The issue might be that it appears that #ZLP# returns a null result when the watch is in dim mode so I am not sure that the conditional will return any result in that case - but you could try it …

I was reading this thread and it piqued my interest. So for grins and giggles I put


in a text element text box and placed in my test face so that it would show in AOD mode if low power mode was off or on. I loaded it into my Galaxy Active 2 and it worked! So I then loaded it on my TicWatch E test watch…and it worked there also, but it was slightly delayed. I don’t know what good it would do to use it but it does function at least. :grin:

Mmm, at some point I was advised not to use “=” for the test. I can’t remember which operating systems have an issue with it but I was told to use “==” instead.

I went back and used $#ZLP#==false?OFF:ON$ instead of a single = and it worked the same on the TicWatch E. The way I heard it was if the single = caused problems to use == in it’s place. All of the expressions that I have saved for copy and paste work have == and instead of a single one.

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