How to use Android Wear 2.0 Complications

Hi I would like to use Android Wear 2.0 Complications but I cannot find any documentation on how to set that up.
I would like to use the Calendar Long Text (it shows the next calendar event and also the time until that events starts.

Do I need to be a premium partner? The Edit option is greyed out on the watch which is where I assume I should be able to exchange a Facer element for a complication.

In tags I also did not find anything.

Any help will be highly aprecciated.


Exact same question. How does one edit and activate complications on Facer app on watch. In Watchmaker, it’s as simple as clicking on settings and selecting a complication…please help!

For what I know, right now the new complications are still not fully ready and are available only to Premium creators.
I can tell you tho, there is nothing significant it there and since they can only be used on AW2.0 I myself am recreating them with old methods with the same effect (from my point of view).

So unlike Watchmaker, it’s something that has to be part of the design, not something that will be “overlayed” or customized by the user???

I don’t see it in its current version, but as I said it is still only tested by Premium users and I believe there were some talks about it having this kind of capability in the future…
But I became Premium user about 2.5 months ago and nothing changed.

It’s a shame. I’ve used other watchfaces just for this functionality. Facer does not allow me to do what I want in any other way unfortunately.
Love the watchfaces here but the lack of this functionality is a reason not to use Facer at all.