How to use in iOS and with android devices

I’m looking for someone that knows both the app on iOS devices and on android devices.
I was told there is a way to have more faces, and it has to do with becoming a premium member. I just don’t see what people are saying.

@shortone78 HI, you are allowed to have 10 active faces/syncs at one time with the free app. If you upgrade the Facer app you are allowed to have 20 active, Meaning if you tap the facer app on your watch 3 times i think it is, you will be able to scroll through the last 10 or 20 faces you have sync’d(downloaded) to your watch

If you launch the facer app on your phone there should be a button that asks if you want to upgrade to Facer Plus

Hope this helps

How do I do that? I would like the option of 20 faces. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

When you open the phone Facer app, upper left corner you have the 3 lines, tap there. In the menu, just down your user name, its the option (+) sign in blue and Upgrade to Facer Plus. Follow the white rabbit there…

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No 3 lines, but using an iPhone 8