How to use my my design

How do I make my design usable on my own KW88? I clicked ‘send to watch’ but not working.

Learn advanced IT and hack your watch to use one of the supported OSs.
Then kidnap one of the Facer staff members and as a ransom demand to add your monstrosity to the supported list.

But seriously - you cannot, it runs on Android 5.1 and Facer supports only Android Wear, Wear OS and Tizen + whatever the Apple watch runs on.

Haha correct unfortunately

Nice joke. But i have Android KW88.

I have Android 5.1 + Wear OS. So far, so good on Facer watch faces. I had only one hiccup after there was a Facer update, but a reinstall of Facer straightened that out.
@roofhorse, did you install WearOS? If not, maybe that’s the problem?

You @Linlay have a phone with Android 5.1 and watch with Wear OS, he (@roofhorse) has a watch running on Android 5.1 tho…