How to use resources

I have a question about the law aspect of using artworks available on this subforum.

Does one, who uses an image from here, needs to credit original creator in the description of his/hers face?

Are there any additional rules when using it on premium faces?

If noone else is gonna answer, I’m gonna go out on a limb and say “They don’t want you publishing copyrighted materials because they can never charge for them”. I dunno if the best of us get a nice cut of the royalties or if it all goes to Overhead, but it’s a HASSLE when the lawyers come knocking.

I know that.
My question is: Are resources available under “Resources” category available for comertial use or no.
This seems to be the case with this category, but I cannot find any confirmation.

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Ohh, yeah that’s a good point.

I’d guess yeah? If it’s supposed to be your big trade secret, why post it?