Hows this watchface

Hello Guys,

appreciate your review on this watch face which is recently created by Me.

It is a very cute watch face , Do the weather Icon on the top work? How can you make it colour?

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Very nice Sunny :slight_smile: . Might be nicer with the crossing going faster. But I would leave the street movement (the background) at the same speed. It gives a parallax effect.


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You should come up with a night scene that is darker for dim mode.

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Thanks @eradicator09 for your great suggestion:) actually, i would love to add night scene but it could consume more battery power, also since Dim mode doesn’t allowed any animation so it would be only as an image, .
but sure will try to add it soon.

Thanks Mr. John for your valuable feedback…crossing speed has been faster now, appreciate your feedback, if possible

@sunilupatil Great watch. Keep up your creative efforts.

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much better now Sunny. Nice :slight_smile:


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Correct. I was thinking more in terms of taking the background you had and making a “night” version of it.

Not the greatest render, but you get the idea.

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Thanks Mr. John :slight_smile:

Thanks @eradicator09 for this, now i am working on it to add for night version.
Thanks again for this super idea.
you guys are the best :slight_smile: :+1:

It looks like the racer with the yellow and red helmet is in front of your middle racer, need to reorder them in the creator. I love your moving back ground.