HQ Watch Bandit!

Hi all,

Could you please give me feedback on this work in progress. It is not finished, I would like something original in the two small circles. All ideas, tips and tricks are appreciated!


I like the texture/shadows you have so far! Nice large info without being cluttered too.


Took another turn on this design. Using a Wild West-ish theme. Please let me know how you like it.




Hello @pepflolo, this face is looking pretty good so far. As for the small circles I’m not sure what you could do with them honestly. They are pretty small and on the watch will be even smaller. I do like the 3d look of the face though however it looks like the light source is coming from the top right for everything except “Bandit.” The light source seems to be top left. It’s just a small thing that I noticed but thought I would share. In the real world there is many light sources but they would effect all elements of the face and not just one or the other. Either way though, their looking good.

Nice design… may be you can create analogue indicators in the two circles (battery, steps, etc.)

Hey Orakix,

Thanks for the feedback. I’ll look into the Bandit Light source and alter it! Should have noticed it, but glad you did

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My pleasure, glad I could help.