Huawei GT2e Compatibility

Hello everyone!
I come here because i recently got myself a Huawei GT2e. And i read and saw videos about you can get some custom faces on it, but with somewhat of a hussle.
So i told myself. “Okay. I try it. But first let’s make a coll face that i like.” And this is how i found and made this. M. Dávid - Holo Focus - watch face for Apple Watch, Samsung Gear S3, Huawei Watch, and more - Facer
I love how it turned out tbh. Was my secound attempt and realy love it. But sadly i haven’t foud any option to get it on my watch. No video or no forum talking about it. Im not even sure how does it work on the GT2 or the Huawei watch Because i only read and saw everyone use the health app to get faces on the watch. So i ask here any users or some thec who could help with this.
I would really appriciate your efforts and thank you forward for the answers.

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Huawei GT2 and GT2e both run Huawei’s LiteOS, and Facer doesn’t support it yet.

Please tell me that “Yet” means that it will eventualy? I love the watch but theres just not a singel face on the app that i like really. My plan was to make a face then download then some wierd “hack” way get it into the app by the beta healt app i read. But theres no option to just download the face. :frowning: So is there any hope that facer will support it? Or try something other method?

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For that answer you would need to contact @Facer_Official using Facer Help Request at: Submit a request – How can we help? or email them at:

Is there already a connection with the Huawei watch possible ??

As of right now Facer only supports the Huawei “Watch”, “Watch for women”, “Watch 1” and “Watch 2”.

Funciona con el huawei watch gt2?? No se muy bien los modelos que hay, ese es el mio y no logro emparejarlo

Huawei GT1, GT2 y GT2e ejecutan LiteOS de Huawei, y Facer aún no lo admite.

Is there any list of supported watches?

On the front page of the website
Screenshot 2021-04-24 011342

THNX mate!