Huawei series GT2 Pro

When U plane to incorporate Huawei watch series GT2 Pro in Facer?

You’ll need to tag @Facer_Official for them to see it or you can contact them at: Submit a request – How can we help? or email them at:

Tx man, U’r fast ,hope it help,cheers :yum:

not what you want to hear, but I seriously doubt Facer will ever be on that OS. I don’t have inside info, I’m just making an educated guess. I think Facer is fully committed to WearOS and Tizen (though there are rumors Samsung may switch to WearOS) and growth on Apple Watch.

I do not like racism,and what about profit?Did eny think about,how meny of us love Huawei smart watch ,if Facer want to admit, millions ?:rage:

Huh? Racism? I think it would be a ton of work to develop and maintain and offer support on yet another platform. I think the (relatively small) Facer team simply weighs the pros and cons of committing resources to such an undertaking. Garmin is another one that’s left out.

Very well , tx,we must push Huawei to cooperate ,because their watch faces is funny rage: