Huawei Watch 2 AOD time not updating

I am aware of the issue with the seconds hand not updating on this and other wear os watches, but I am having issues with the minutes not updating as well. It appears randomly, but with regularity that the time will be behind on the ambient display by a minute or more. I am having this issue with all watchfaces I have created, under the user DAn, for instance a watch face called “RuggEd” I have tried deleting all elements from the face except the time, as well as changing fonts, but it still happens on my watch. Once I wake the watch, the time updates, but then eventually falls behind again. Is this a known issue?

Does this happen on all faces on your watch? Or just the faces you made? Have you tried the same faces on another type of watch?

I only have one watch, so I can’t test on others. But it has been 4 of 4 faces I have created so far, and doesn’t seem to happen on faces I’ve downloaded created by others.

If you enable inspection mode on one of the faces and paste a link I will have a look and see if I can see anything wrong.

Sure @mikeoday , thanks!

Cool looking face!

Sorry but the inspection mode icon is not showing.

Um, just a thought …

The reason the second hand does not update is that on many ( all ? ) watches the face is only updated once per minute in dim mode. That means that the minute hand is also only updated once per minute.

I have uploaded you face to my watch and it looks great.

Fair enough, however, why then would it be more than a minute behind in some cases? Unless the update time is variable between a minute and 2, I guess I could see that, because I don’t think I’ve ever seen it more than 2 minutes behind. I did get a video of it updating 2 minutes in just a couple seconds, the video is very short and you have to see the first frame to see it on the first minute before it updates twice in quick succession, but I was lucky to catch it on video at all since it is very intermittent. (This is a video from another similar face without hands, but it does the same thing)

Also, I updated this face and tried to enable inspection again, I don’t know why it’s not showing up.

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And thank you! I just wish I could figure out this issue. Strangely enough it also was a problem on the watchmaker app, so maybe it’s something wrong with my watch. I recently did a factory reset, but the issue persisted on watchmaker, and when I switched to facer I was amazed to see it was happening here too.

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Hi @theDAn!

I believe you opened a support request we us about this and we’re looking into it with you there, but if you’re seeing this on other apps as well, this may indeed indicate an issue with your watch/OS. The way the ambient mode is refreshed is by receiving a signal from the OS that it should, which happens every minute normally. In your case, it appears that signal is not always sent/received.

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@Facer_Official, I do have a support request open with you as well.

@mikeoday, I found another place to enable inspection, if you still want to take a look, it might work now.

Ok, if you post the link I will take a look.

@mikeoday Inspection Link