Huawei Watch Fit Support?

is this app gonna support Huawei Watch Fit/New/2 ? or is there a similar watch I can use faces from with my Fit 2?
Edit: is there any other faces app I can use with my Fit 2?

Unless Huawei stops using LiteOS and starts using WearOS for its watch, Facer will probably not ever support it. Facer only supports the older Huawei watches that use WearOS. The Huawei Watch, Watch for Women, Watch 2 and Watch 1. But you can find watch faces for newer Huawei watches at the Amazefit Watch Faces Look for Huawei on the left-hand links list.


ty for your answer man, however there isn’t any faces compatible with the Fit 2 on the amazfitwatchfaces website, only for the round models

Hopefully someone will start making faces for it.

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