Hublot Big Bang E Gen 3, At least it runs WearOS

And for all of you who think the Pixel and Galaxy Watch 5 Pro’s are too expensive, now comes Hublot’s $5,400 USD wallet busting release. Hublot’s latest smartwatch is more form than function. Realistically, you could buy both the GW5 Pro AND the Pixel watch and save well over $4,500.


I topped out at Tag Heuer Connected E2 modular (always been a big fan of Tag watches) at half the price of the Hublot. I still got it 5 years later and it’s pretty useless now especially since I got a GW5 Pro which is my daily. However, I knew what I was getting and for roughly how long. I did also buy the mechanical cal.16 automatic for the E2 modular system too. It does still sting though and I can’t imagine the sting of having a useless 5k smart watch. Ouch

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I just had a look at the promo Video . It is obvious why it costs so much money it has the Moon Phases on it . What ever you do do not rearrange the Letters in the Name . :laughing: :rofl: :sweat_smile: :joy: :+1: