HUD+ Collection - By TIKTOK

Hello Facer, I’ve missed you. After almost a year since I’ve had any time to design any facers I’ve decided to start my first collection called HUD+. This is a set of futuristic faces, (think Iron Man head set) all of the facers are customisable so you can change the colours to suit you. So far there are 15 faces in this set but it will be ever growing. The first 3 you may have seen before as these were originally up there about a year ago but I have now tinkered with them and made them theme-able

My plan is to start more collections like this all using different themes so watch this space.

I’d love to know what you guys think and if you encounter any issues please let me know.
(As I write this they are still in approval stage at the minute, fingers crossed they go live this week)


WELL DONE! and welcome back!!

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9 and 10 are my favorites so far.

Welcome back @TIKTOK,
No. 14 is my favorite :+1:


@TIKTOK excellent banner and great return to the track!

My favorite HUD + 8! :clap::clap: