Huwaei gt2 style watch face

Has anyone made or inferested in making a watch face like the one attached.

I had a huwaei GT2 and the watch face is the one i always went back to and now I’ve upgraded watches to a Samsung Galaxy watch 5 I cant get my favourite watch face on it, and I have tried searching for it on the net, but don’t want to download god knows how many apps etc.

So if anyone feels like making this watch face it would be greatly appreciated :blush:

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The top gauge is as i later found out after having the watch for about 2 months is the lowest daily temperature and highest…but i think battery gauge could work too.
I lke its simple look and not over crowded like some faces can be…it tells me what i need to know, steps, heart rate, day and date and current weather.

And you’ve done an epic job, I’d love to see the finish face.

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Followed, yeah I imagine that maybe why there aren’t many watch faces like this one about, but hopefully it won’t get taken down and i will definitely be downloading it when you put it up.

I’ll keep a regular check on the draft too :blush:

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I’m also the same with uncluttered analogue faces only alot of the ones that have any meaningful info always have a digital time display too which really sucks…why do you need two clocks telling the same time lol I think thats why i like the simplicity of this face its clear and shows all the info needed

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Ha Ha. That old Debate. I could not wait to get a Digital watch. Little LED dots to start with. But found every time I looked at the watch I had to do mental Arithmetic . Eventualy I went back to Analogue. I like to have 24 hrs Digital as well for Bus Time Tables. Think of the Poor Airline Pilots that have to do all thier work to UTC .

I’ve always prefered analogue lol and my father was a bus conductor and always told the time in 24hr so now even when i look at analogue watches i see it as 15.34 etc lol makes it tricky when people ask you the time and i rattle it off in 24hr format and have to correct myself :joy::joy: I bet theres a whole course for pilots on UTC :joy::joy:

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As @russellcresser knows, I made this one 10 months ago -

And @russellcresser you need to remember to untick the Fixed Width box for your Text entries.


Hey. Listen I am so sorry. I had completely forgotten you published that. Please forgive me.
Not sure what you mean about the Text boxes. I will go check. I am taking the Draft Down any way. I will not publish it :::)))


Hey, don’t fret my friend, go ahead with your own version, as I recall you helped with some of the parts and math anyway.
Any text that you use has a Fixed Width box on the right, which should be unchecked to accommodate any size text :wink:
Check out this geriatric couple :laughing:


Ha Ha. Great stuff. I love them :::))) I completly Forgot about us Working on that. I keep seeing it in my Drafts and wondered why it was not Finnished. I did promise at one stage not to make Copies and Upset Marvin. But I change my mind because I just forget. I am always staggered when I go back over Faces trying to understand how I worked stuff out. It is all trial and error there is no learning in that.


I love the idea of the gauge at the top showing the temperature, I thought it was battery at first glance.