I am brand New here and just bought the creator pro

I have no idea what I am doing but want to make an analog chronograph. Can anyone get me started on how to add the chrono dials etc…?

Thanks and God Bless

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Welcome to the Community westenc001, I’m sure you’ll get plenty of help as there’s lots of helpful members here…unfortunately I only have a free account, so can’t help you myself :anguished:

Thanks for replying, I just can’t seem to figure out how to get the hands to even show up in the chrono circles

Hi, I do not have the subscription active, so cant make working example, but maybe somebody comes to help. You can read some threads with this topic meanwhile Search results for 'chronogra' - FACER Community

Thanks for replying!

Hi @westenc001
Amongst my works i have some faces with chrono function.
All of them have inspection mode ( the small rocket icon) open, so you can take a look to learn how to build a working chrono and to grab formulas.
Hope this can help you :grinning:

Hello @westenc001
Welcome to the facer.io group …
Your question is very broad, and for now I can help you, with some pages and forum that facer.io has. With which you can read and inform yourself with your most specific questions :wink:

I am also new . And when I started with facer, I had many questions, and thanks to this very good group … I was able to make designs that I wanted …
I recommend that you look and read these pages of instructions that will help you a lot …

Themes & Color Customization :point_left:

Stopwatch :point_left:

App Launchers :point_left:

Interactive Variables & Layers :point_left:

Customizable Complications :point_left:

Advanced :point_left:

I recommend you that you look and also read the forum that will help you a lot …

Expression help :point_left:

Here you will find many interesting things that will help you with your questions
I hope it helped you with your question
Enjoy it!!!
Cordially ! JDCardozo

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Hands for smaller dials are much better to see if you create them yourself, but just remember to save them as transparent png and have them central. Here’s a couple of examples for you that I have used before for sub dials -