I am new here please help me

I recently became a member
I thought that would give me all the tools, but now it appears that I have to earn them by obtaining badges
how many badges do I have to get before I get extra tools, is that per tool or does it go at once

Sorry, I think you misunderstood something.

All of the standard tools are free and you can create faces as soon as you join. To access the Facer Creator page, just type “facer.io/Creator” into the address page of a browser window. After you log in the Creator will open and if you look at the top right of the page you will see a ? mark. Clicking on this will give you links to the tutorials and documentation.

So, just to be clear, earning badges on the forum does not give you access to any new tools.

If you want more tools than the free version gives you ( so you can create interactive features such as the ability for a user to change the colour etc. ) then you can subscribe to the paid “Facer Creator Pro”. But, as I said before you don’t need to do this to start creating faces.

I hope that helps.


I have activated the premium
but I still cannot get access to all tools
then I always get a message that I have to take a premium

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So Sandra, just to be clear

Are you able to create basic faces ok?

Which premium tools are you trying to use?

Have you signed up for, and paid, the Facer Creator Pro subscription?

I don’t have access to
customizable widgets
and themes
and I have paid for a whole year
and will be extended on Sept. 6, 2020
yes the basic work is fantastic

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Thanks for the information. I have not seen anyone speak of that problem before.

You could try sending an email to the offical Facer support people at facer-support@little-labs.com . They should be able help with getting your subscription working.

I hope you find a solution soon.



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Premium and Pro are two seperatr packages.

Premium is for being able to wear all the faces, its purchased in the main facer webpage.

Pro is for extra creator tools, it is purchased in the creator web page

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