I am unable to find rolex watchfaces as shown in youtube. Can anyone help

How to set rolex watchface

It could be considered a breach of copyright to create an exact copy of an existing watch, so you probably won’t find an exact match.

If you could go with a similar design I could create it for you.


Gello melin… pls create… rest other watch faces r there

And also please suggest mr which smart watch should I go and which one do u have… it should have good features like resolution, and support apps lik facer

PM me with a link to a watch you want me to recreate, so we can move the whole conversation about creating that watch there.

As for my watch, I use Sony Smartwatch 2 SWR50.
Any watch that runs either Android Wear or Tizen supports Facer’s faces.
I don’t fully recommend my SWR50 right now because it didn’t get the Android wear 2.0 update.

Not specific… any good rolex watchface

PM me with this, please.

What is PM … I can’t understand

PM me - Send me a Private Message.
When you click on your account icon you will see another icon with an envelope - click it.

Hi… I am unable to send PM

I will send you one then and you will respond.

I have few. Feel free to try. Search Jason Watch faces

Super. Pls update more models… thank u mellin for raising concern

I will try … thank u… in which… in the name of jason?

Hi mellin… how r u doing

Hi jason… u tag watch faces r awesome… thank u… can u create few in rolex also pls

Waiting for a reply on our PMs…

Hi mellin. . Since this is new topic… I can chat… but suddenly site will tell that u can’t reply more than 3 times for same topic. I have been trying to reply u mellin

Pls try to make separate watch faces… rolex as first preference

But what about the next issue I mentioned?