I am very new here... please be nice

I am looking for info on how to use the “BG mode” or “Dim Mode”. When I create a watch face, it is the same exact way when it switches the “Dim mode”. How do I separate the two?

Also… I was trying to add new battery meters/dials and other stuff like this and see everyone posting stuff like: “$(#DM#*30)=1?30:0$ $(#DM#*30)=2?60:0$”. Where do you edit and input this stuff. I am trying here.

i think you need a bit of help getting started the codes you are seeing go into the advanced section of the creator on the right and where they go is dependant on what you want the code to do. To give a little example have a look at this

You will need to click on the name at the bottom then click the little rocket symbol that should take you into inspection mode ok. Then click the only line in the left pane and again click the rocket symbol that takes you into the advanced setup .

These are really useful: https://news.facer.io/tutorials/home

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This should get you going too: Facer Creator – How can we help?

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Here’s a beginner video: