I Asked Daz If He Could Do The Math....He's A Genius!

Go from Dim to normal to see the full effect here, but I believe the main display is the best :grinning: :nerd_face: :crazy_face:


cool face Gizmo! I like that you kept it more minimal with less going on than some of your faces. (But that’s just me, animate away as you like :slight_smile: ) But this allows the main theme to be the star without distractions.


I share the same opinion that @kvansant …
Very good face … and very good effect, between AOD and the main screen …:100::clap:
I really like my friend Gizmo :slightly_smiling_face::+1:

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Thank you very much kvansant, my thoughts exactly :grinning:

Muchas Gracias Cardozo, me amigo :+1:

peekaboo! i seeeee you!

nice one :wink:

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Ha ha, thanks Matt :joy: :eyes::see_no_evil: