I can't get into FACER application

I can’t get into the FACER application. Neither on the PC nor on the smartphone.
Can someone tell me why I can’t come in?

It may be the country you are located in. Since Facer is located inside the United States some countries are blocked from accessing digital properties by the government.

Thank for your reply.

In my mobile app it says:" your account has been terminated becasuse of repeated infringements to our terms of service. If you have any questions, contact facer-support ". I have been subscribed to Facer Creator Pro for less than a month. I subscribed for one year. Will I get my remaining subscription money back? I assume that all my subscriptions are canceled and no new charges will happen, right?

It sounds like you need to get answers from @Facer_Official on that one, you can contact them at: Submit a request – How can we help? or email them at: facer-support@little-labs.com

Hello, again thank you very much for answering my question.
Yesterday, at the same time that I answered your question, I did the two things that you suggest. I put a question in the link Submit a request – How can we help? and also wrote an email to facer-support@little-labs.com. I just hope they don’t take long to respond and that my email doesn’t end up in a spam box.

sorry you got bumped… but didn’t you have a bunch of direct copies of Omega’s and such? The replicas tend to be popular because, well… sadly a lot of people value name brands over originality, and that thrusts them into the top 100 charts. That might get you some syncs but it also shines a spotlight on the TOS violations. If you came back to facer in the Future, try making your own designs. After you do one or two you’ll realize you can do it, it’s fun and addicting and even more rewarding than making copies!

But also, I’m pretty sure it’s ok to make a replica for your own use as long as you don’t publish it. So if there’s an Omega face you really want to have for yourself, nothing wrong with that.

At no time have I put any symbol or trademark name. It’s not my fault that I like classic designs. Many secondary brands use classic watch designs from first-rate brands. In any case, it strikes me that my tributes annoy them a lot, but I see that there are other much more blatant tributes that are still there. They have not been removed. Maybe my problem is that my faces are better made than theirs.

But at no time have I wanted to dispute with you. They are very free to establish who they want to have by their side. My only question is what happens with my Creator Pro subscription that I had for a year and of which I have not consumed even fifteen days. They could have blocked me a month ago and thus I would have saved myself this annoyance. Did I lose my annual Creator Pro subscription money?

These faces are still on your website. They are allowed but I am not.

I insist that all I want is my money back: the one-year subscription that I paid for and have not enjoyed.

And to be sure that they will not charge me again next year, since I cannot enter my account and cancel myself.

I don’t know the answer to that. Hopefully not. Maybe there’s a clue in the wording of the TOS. But maybe (if you wanted) they would restore your account and subscription if you assured them you will not make copies (direct or disguised) of brand names.

They have a small staff, It’s not that those are allowed, it’s just they haven’t been flagged yet. it’s hard for them to monitor every face. Eventually either the brand itself notifies them or faces are reported by the community. But the big swiss watch companies don’t mess around, they are known to send some heavy letters from their lawyers, so there’s good reason for Facer to want to avoid copyright issues.

To be fair changing Rolex to Molex is not really making it any less of a direct copy. I can’t remember if that was you, but you obviously know to what degree you were putting up copies. I do remember noticing you had a Maurice Lacroix with no disguise of any kind, and that is one of their real watch brand partners so surely that’s not going to go over well.

Anyway, I think if you have reached out to support to make find out about refund you’ll hear back. I doubt you’d have to worry about being charged a renewal later.

I’ve got no problem myself with the idea anyone making replicas for their own use, before I came to Facer I made over 200 on a different platform. It’s how I learned about watches and developed my photoshop skills. But Facer makes it clear, they are not allowed here.

I understand your reasoning.
Rest assured that I have learned my lesson.
I would like to reinstate my account.
What do I have to do to get it?

hopefully if you write to them, ask for a 2nd chance, convince them you understand no replicas. I don’t know what they’ll say though. Good luck! If you do get your account back I’d encourage you to avoid the temptation to even cut parts out of watch photos to use. To me that’s even worse than making exact copies. You can make your own everything in photoshop or any number of free graphics apps like Gimp. That way it’s 100% your art. Use watches you like for inspiration and ideas like a chef tasting different meals, but then invent your own recipe!

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