I’d like to view my sync, like and followers stats!

Hey there Facer Team,
I’d like to see my exact syncs and likes for each of my faces on Facer! Could you try implementing those on the next update?

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They already show the total sync counts for all your faces together and each face has it’s own sync count. I don’t know if anyone paid or free can see their “likes”.

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Likes are not visibly tracked anywhere.

which is honestly kinda dumb. What kind of platform allows you to create but does not give you access to your own stats? :upside_down_face:



Does anyone have any news on when likes will be displayed? Surely the data is there in the cloud somewhere!?!! As a pro customer, it would really be useful to know which faces are getting the most likes so I can work on their theme more. People don’t always sync faces but do tend to like a lot more.


You know what’s ironic??? I can actually see my likes in the community thread but not the platform itself. :yum: