I Finally Did It!

Ok, after being away for so long, I have published a new and unique watch face. As seen in my draft of the basic design, the minutes always start with the nearest clock position, such as the one o’clock for five after the hour. The smaller succeeding square pairs indicate the number of minutes after the clock position indicator. For example, 14 minutes after the hour would be the two o’clock indicator lit with the next four square pairs after it, and so forth. The hour indicator is the larger square pair and it will always land on the appropriate hour. The battery indicator travels in a counter-clockwise motion as the battery drains. Both the indicator and the second hand go red when watch battery is less than 10%.

Let me know what you think!



Hey, nice job, welcome back :+1:

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Thank you!

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This is great and very clean and nice! I like easy and simple designs that don’t have clusters and small text and numbers so this works well!!

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Thank you! I prefer the same.