I Gota Fix It! (BUG HELP)

There is a problem ocurring in my watch face, but in my own watch everything is normal. An user send me an report about an bug and i cant fix it because I dont really know what is happening.

The user said: “I see 2 timers, how can I fix this?” Actually is Two dates (one overlaping other).
One user tells that its a problem with the counter.

I cant print his photo because i already answer him on his review and when i Click in the message, the link goes to my watch.

Somebody have any idea how to fix it?

it works fine on my watch so cant help without inspection mode

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I Just Enable it!


I found a way to print one error.

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I have had a look at inspection mode and I can’t see anything that looks like a problem.

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ok, thanks man! I aprecciate that!

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Just now, another user write this:

“Hi Zack, love the watch face but I’m also having the same problem with two times being displayed.”

Below his photo:

Strange …

Do you know what kind of watch that is?

I had another look …

The date is the only text field where you have the glow effect enabled - you could try turning this off.

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Bet it’s the font. If the glow effect doesn’t fix it, try a different font.


It’s a ticwatch express problem, I also have a ticwatch express and got the same problem, it’s because It don’t support the glow effect correctly.
I also got the same problem with one of my faces where I used glow effects, so I decided to remove it


Thanks!! I choose to remove the Glow Effect.

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Thanks!!! I Remove the Glow!