I have a few questions:

  1. Given one publishes some decent/good designs. How hard is to get 5.000 syncs? I feel is never gonna happen. I do wanna put designs for sale soon and I don’t feel like giving out outstanding designs just to get the syncs required.

  2. Is there a way to stop calculations when the face goes to sleep?

So far I’m using formulas such as this:

(45+ ( 180 * ( sin ( #DNOW# * 0.046 * pi ) ) ) )

In order to move images or control opacity etc… and I do have many layers doing that.

The calculations seem to result in long floating point operations.

I see the calculations keep going on even if the face is off, which is not necessarily bad, but I fear that means faster battery drain. I feel if all calculations in all layers stop when the face goes off and continue when the face wakes up that will probably save some battery. (correct me if I’m wrong)

DWE doesn’t do it for me since it resets the animation. (I’m doing endless animations, color objects that move in the background)

  1. Is there any formula to make an object do something when the watch face goes to sleep?

Specifically: I could fade-in layers by using DWE but each time the face wakes up the object is fully visible then the fade-in command gets triggered, resulting in the image blinking “fully visible, invisible, fade in” which defeats the whole purpose. Ideally I would like to have a way to fade-out when the face goes to sleep so is invisible and ready to fade-in once the face wakes up.

I guess it should be one long expression that makes the object fade-in on wake and fade-out on sleep.

  1. I do have a bug to report. Glow and Stroke look good in the editor but look bad in the actual watch (TicWatch C2+)

Here are my designs so far (what I’m willing to give for free). I do have way better things cooking in the stove (currently unpublished).

I’m really excited about the facer creator. Having a blast so far.

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

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Hi @spyrograph, welcome!

Keep in mind that the partner program is invite only, and 5k syncs is no guarantee (there are plenty of designers with those numbers that are not made partner). As many have advised before, just make what you like, and make it for yourself. The syncs will come, or not, just have a good time.

Not sure. You could hide the layer in DIM mode, I assume there is some optimization that prevents the calculations from continuing

There isn’t mutch you can do (like animate) when it goes INTO dim mode, but you can work with multiple layers for when it comes out of DIM mode to get the fade you want. I do it in one of my watch faces, you can check out inspection (on my watch it does not flicker when coming out of dim, like it does on the web preview):

This is a known issue on WearOS watches, better to fake your own by using images or duplicate layers that are slightly bigger or shifted.

That is the most important thing of all!

Hope this helped.

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Welcome @spyrograph . It seems like you have a good handle on what is possible.
Unfortunately it does not matter what Tags you use . A snapshot of the display is taken as the display sleeps. It is the first thing you see when the Display wakes. But as @ThaMattie has outlined there is much to be done with #DWE# Triggered on Wake.
As a note . I have designed a few very nice watches and struggled to get 1.5K syncs in a year. I am not sure if the 5K has to be on the one watch in a Year or is it a month ? Very Excited to see what comes next.

Yeah I’ve read “5000 on the last 30 days”…and I doubt that will ever happen unless I put out really good designs that I want to actually sell.

I have so many ideas. I’ve worked for the last decade with the guys from FL Studio and their ZGameEditor Visualizer (Visual assets editor/sequencer, VJ sorta plugin) making new assets/presets along fellow shaders programmers.

This video (from a youtuber) illustrates the kind of presets we’re doing. he did it right after our latest big update.

Facer in a way is boosting my visual design passion and I find the editor good enough to be creative. I loooove the fact you can use expressions.

I started because I wanted to make my own faces for myself. But seeing there is a business behind, why not? Maybe I can make some bucks on the side, or perhaps more than a buck since this is a global internet market and I bet there are million units out there.


if you will been featured( lately is almost impossible if you are not a partner} you can rise 5000 in a week otherwise publish your free face on Monday morning to have some chance to enter in weekly top 50 that gives you a bit of visibility.