I have an annoying lag when I look at my watch

I have a Samsung Galaxy Watch and when I turn my hand and looking at the display I see a lag until watches will set correct time. Is it normal?

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Hi there!

We’ve recently received similar reports and are going to look into it. Can you let me know if you have always-on display enabled or disabled? Our understanding is that this only happens when AOD is disabled.

AOD is disabled, right.

I made a video with lag:
Facer: https://youtu.be/Vv0Pxzqlz88
Face from Galaxy store: https://youtu.be/29rMnDpd4dc
WatchMaker face: https youtu.be 7teg2WlI2b8

Any news about this issue. I have the same behavior that describe @sitetech1 and shows us in the videos.

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Either having AOD disabled or not. The problem occurs when the screen is DIM, even with AOD the screen lowers the bright a little during that time the times doest update, then updates all of a sudden when it gets active.

Hi @Facer_Official
With my Galaxy watch i have always had the same issue. When i turn my wrist to activate the watch the seconds and minutes hands after a while jump at the correct position. This either with AOD on or off.
The same does not occur with faces from Galaxy Store. With those faces when i turn my wrist the hands are at the right place with no jumps.
Now i have a Galaxy Watch 3 that uses the newest Tizen 5.5, and it has the same behaviour with hands when i turn the watch on. AOD on or off