I have problems to find facer in my huewai watch my phone is nexus p6

I have a problem to find the ficer in my watch it is huewai watch 3475
android wear
android is 6.0.1
Phone nexus p6

Hi Alshamali, welcome to the forum.

You probably need to explain a little more about your problem.

If you already have Facer installed on your phone. Try resyncing all apps via the Wear App.

To get Facer as your active face:

  1. Long press on the watchface.
  2. Swipe sideways until you come to the Facer logo.
  3. To change the Facer face, press on the setting gear to choose a different facer face.

Let me know where in the steps the process fails.


Thank you for quick answer but the problem is not to cit is not how to change the facer in watch the facer app cannot find in my watch and the app it is not connected to my watch even the water android it is connected and the hill app is working great but I’m trying to have the app faveron my watch but it device to connect and I try all the issue and solution form help and not solve the problem