I Like To Do Faces That Put You In A Mood

Plus I like to add little subtle details that may be missed at first glance. I’m going for the person who has synced the face to later see something I added and think, “I didn’t see that before”. This is one of those kind of faces. MAG 1444 The Coffee Shop.

Look above the windows between the lights and below the scrolling date.


Totally agree with the idea of raising spirits !!!
I am also a person who likes to lift the spirits of other people and friends … :wink:
The question I always have is … who lifts my spirits … :grin:

Very good design of the word OPEN !!! with its lighting !!! :100: :+1: :cowboy_hat_face:
Good job!!! my friend mrantisocialguy

hmmm, coffeeshop has a whole different meaning where I’m from… image


Interesting! That might explain the popularity here of Starbucks…:laughing:


Wow, very original! The scrolling date is a BIG idea :smiley: :clap: