I made this watchface, what do you think about it?

Hi :smiley:
Nice to meet you, I made one of my first watchfaces and I would love to know your opinion about it :3 I hope this is good place to ask for it, if it’s not I’m sorry :c Here is link to this watchface: Barti002 - What's up with Jerry? - watch face for Apple Watch, Samsung Gear S3, Huawei Watch, and more - Facer It changes when time pass. I hope you will like it <3

Very Minecrafty. It’s a shame there’s no way of including configuration options in Facer so you can set your work times. :+1:

Meh, It’s not working :confused: In app there are no images :c

Hi @Barti002! sorry about this issue, let us look into this ASAP.

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Okay, I will wait. Maybe I made something wrong but I don’t think so :confused:

Hi @Barti002! Just had a chat with our development team and we figured out what the issue is. The problem is that you are using a “>==” operator which isn’t supported by Facer - it should be “>=” instead (single = instead of ==).

The fact that this operator works on the Facer Creator is confusing and is a bug on our side that we are fixing. Sorry for the confusion!

Oh, okay. I will edit it later, thank you :smiley: