I May Be Biased, But I Think This Looks Brilliant

Let me know what you think please guys -

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Again, I would lose the fade in and out for the text, but the other animations seem to fit the design (it won’t work in dim mode on my watch either, so it’ll be on or off depending on where the animation is when it goes to dim)

I see you took Akar’s collider and added moarrrr animations :stuck_out_tongue:

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Thanks Matt, I particularly like how this one turned out myself.
Akar was kind enough to share his Collider with me ( :+1:), and I think it works much better with 2 rotating “colliders” like this. As for the animations in Dim mode, I usually omit them, but just forgot the 1 collider here sorry, I’ll go amend that shortly.

Yeah I wasn’t talking about a collider, I’m talking about the fade, that does not work in dim on most watches either, so depending on when it switches from active to dim, I can’t see the time in dim mode:

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Ah, sorry mate, I’ll rectify that now sorry…
There you go, all visible in and out of Dim :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

better in DIM, but it was smaller in active before…

Edited again lol

And again, after I changed its setting to 24hr format :grin: