I nearly wasted a lot of time comparing specifications

Well I thought it was a good idea and would be helpful for those thinking about buying a new smartwatch… So started by checking which watches Facer supports and checking manufacturers’ web sides to get the specs. I put the info into an excel spreadsheet and soon found that my own watch was not on Facers list!
This got me thinking (luckily i only got as far as companies beginning with ‘A’) perhaps i should be looking at Wear OS watches instead and oh - there are many.! I restarted my research again and then had another thought- how will I get my wonderful research once it’s finished onto this community? Finally another thought - i wonder if it has already been done and yup - it has! It’s on Wikipedia! Link below-

For those who don’t like clicking links the list can be found in Wikipedia search for List of Wear OS devices.

One last thing- my watch an Armani connected is still not on the list! :smiley:


No point in reinventing the wheel, though it was a good thought !


Thank you so much :ok_hand:

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