I need feedback

Hello, I have been using this for over a month and i would like to see if i have improved. I made a post a month ago when i made the 2 arsenal watch faces and the colourful blocks one. I have made over 10 now and what to see what everyone thinks of my new watch faces. Please give me feedback and criticism. Thank you for reading this.


Just had a peek at your watches.

Your backgrounds are nice and colourful but you need to add some more complications, like Date, battery level, weather, steps… People want some informations on their smartwatches.

I do enjoy your black and blue blocks as well as a few other faces however @GAUSS is right. Most people have a smart watch for the added information that regular watches don’t have. For me I personally only care about phone/watch battery but I know a lot of people like steps and heart rate, things like that. My most popular face doesn’t have anything but the time on it but it has an animation and a unique gimic that other people haven’t done before. Thoes types of things can give your faces an edge too. Just start playing around with different tags and/or read through some of the tutorials and see what comes out of it.

Thank you for the feedback. In my future watch faces i will add more information like battery and weather

Also how do you do animation stuff

Is this okay?

Yeah, it’s a nice abstract face that looks nice, one thing I would do is add some way of knowing if it’s phone or watch battery by an icon or the letter w or p in front or after the %. That’s just me though. One could assume that if there’s just one % that it’s probably watch. Definitely label them if you do a face with both though.

@syntaxracing How do i change the battery style so i can get an icon

The icon you have to make yourself or download a PNG file off of Google. Then add as image then resize accordingly.

I would increase the font sizes, especially the battery level. Think of the size in your watch…

Good practices that I can share is always preview your watch designs on your watch (or even on your smartphone) to revise your design, so you can check if the font size is appropriate, a design that the user can’t read, is a design that will be pass behind…