I need help-companion app

Hiya. Can someone help me get my Facer to work with my Samsung Galaxy watch? It worked until i got a new phone–Samsung Note 20. I have reinstalled everything three times.

It keeps saying Companion app not able to connect to watch. I have downloaded Facer to my watch and the starter Facer face is the active face on my watch. And of course downloaded the Companion app.

My watch is actively bluetoothed with my phone so that connection is good. I havent a clue what is wrong except the companion app wont connect on new phone. Frustrated as youknowwhat!


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Welcome @gloopytrucker. Which Watch do you have.? The new WOS3 watches get set up more on the phone. Have you Tripple tapped on the Starter face and gone to the a plus Sign to go down the list and select some previous or new Faces.

On phone, inside the facer app, did you select your watch?
settings - watch settings - select your watch

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