I need help, "test" dial

Hello. How can I help?

Hi @Lucky, the problem is that if I synchronize on my LG Style, the screen remains motionless and the triangle does not animate.

In this I unfortunately will not help, maybe someone else.

thank you

How does the face preview in the Android app display?
I have found that if a face does not display correctly in the Android app, then it often does not work on WearOS watches either, despite working 100% in Facer Creator and on Tizen watches.

The cause is usually complex conditionals. Facer needs to fix this.
Only work around I know of is to simplify the conditional expressions. This usually requires the use of more layers.

Hi @mountain_lion, I noticed that with the Android app the drawings do not move, we hope that facer will solve the problem.
However even with one level it doesn’t work.

It is been like this since I joined Facer last year…

You can have many layers, that is not the problem. It is the complex expressions that do not work as expected.
If you are not using conditionals, only complex math, it should work. If that is the case, look at your brackets. Facer is very pedantic about where you should and should not use brackets in expressions.

But I am guessing here.

Perhaps open your test face for inspection. There are others here with much more experience than me who might be able to help if they can see what you are actually doing.

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the code is the following that was made by @mikeoday, (50 + 50 * sin (6.28 * # Dsm # * # ZHR # / 60)) which I thank.

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There should nog be any spaces around the tags or before the parenthesis after “sin”…
(50 + 50 * sin(6.28 * #Dsm# * #ZHR# / 60))

I would also add parenthesis after 50 +
(50 + (50 * sin(6.28 * #Dsm# * #ZHR# / 60)))

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Hi I have tried your formula, but it does not work completely still as on the Android Facer app

The issue is the heart-rate. It is 0 in the app, so you will get sin(0) in the end, which is always the same.