I need some Help Please

I want to make a Face where for now it says Season Greetings or Merry Xmas , and that changes the text to Happy New Year 2022 when the new Year starts … I just cant seem to figure it out

Probably the easiest way I know would be to put $#DMM#==12?100:0$ in Opacity for the seasons greetings statement. And for New Year’s $#DMM#==1?100:0$ in Opacity. That way the first would only show during December and the second only during January. February through November would show nothing.


Big thank you will set that one up ASAP

worked thank you again


Love it, and the 2022 image is pretty cool, nice work MizzK, good to see you back :+1:
One thought if I may: maybe change the text “Season” to “Seasons” :thinking:

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thx and will do

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ohh besides i was not gone i just keep forgetting to log on here lol
Duh me I guess

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