I need very quick help!

At the first time I must say that my English is not perfect :grinning:
I have made my own Watch face put my Watchface and my Gear is not like that i have created.
My created Watch Face:

My Watch Face on my Watch:

Can you pls say me the resolution to fix that?

– Benni

Is the resolution what you are having issues with? Or the dots in the date?

The Dots of the Time, the Dots of the Date and the % of the Battery and the Quality of the Picture

Some custom fonts renders well in the web preview but not in the watch. You can try increacing the font size. If the issue continues I think you should look for another font…


ok thanks :wink:

Which font are you using? I found a Minecraft font that worked for some of my free designs. Try searching for “Minecrafter” on dafont: MineCrafter Font | dafont.com

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If you want to use the same font, you can split up the time into 3 layers. One for #Db# then one for : and then another for #DmZ#. I would recommend setting the hours to be aligned right and the minutes to be aligned left to keep them nice and neat.

That is some pro level advice right there.

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