I present the uncomfortable hunk of metal that I hid cause it's your birthright!

My first “showable” face… let me know what you think. It is very simple but I like that. The most difficult part of designing one of these things is not the code (that’s my day job) its coming up with something original. This is what I have so far. I want to add some app launch capabilities later etc… the clockwork one was movie themed version…


They are both cool but I really enjoy the second face. One thing I noticed on the first one is some of the numbers in the time cross over the white line during the 12 o’clock hours. Not sure if this matters to you but just an observation. Great work though! Looks good.

Whoops! Yep didn’t think about that one… Updated with a DIM mode that I guess some use… I never do. Thanks for the feedback!

I like the Bubble one. that’s a cool layout.

LOL :laughing: I like your username as well. I’m laughing cuz I must have dropped and rebuilt the same SQL server view with different joins and columns about 15 times already at work today. aaaaaaauuuugh!


Both watch face are cool but i prefer the second one.

Memo for me: must build a skeleton watch in future, they look damn cool.

Greetings, Phantasico aka GAUSS

Been there done it… funny how many problems something like “drop table user” can cause! :smile:

I like both watches. Each has its place. The orange one brings the old fashion watches to mind (skeleton as someone called it?) that shows the respect to our origins. While the blue offers fun simple clean style. I would wear the orange to nice dinner where as the blue to chill with friends at the park.

Congratulations, Tre Amcast is a beautiful watch faces

Wow! Appreciate the positive feedback. Yes, I was going for the “skeleton” look in the orange but I’m still not familiar with the process. I did like the “Clockwork Orange” Easter egg type DIM screen but didn’t completely finish filling out the gears. Maybe I’ll come back to that one. Thanks again!

You‘re welcome.

Simply: good work - you are talented.

Keep on facing! :slight_smile: